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Welcome to DSFH!!  Below you find all the information you need for the start of school.  Please view all the information below.  After viewing, if you still have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 225-665-7890.  You may also email one of our administrators:,  or

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  • 1 to 1 Student Laptop Information:  We are pleased to announce that our school has received sufficient funding and will be able to provide all students with a laptop this year to assist them with their educational needs.  Please click the link and fill out the online Acceptable Use/Parental Agreement Form.  This form must be filled out and submitted prior to your student checking out their device.  Devices will not be given out until this form is completed.   Also, please read the Laptop Care and Expectations form.    

  • If you have not already done so, please make sure you have completed the online registration process for your student.  This is required for all students, even students that were enrolled in our feeder schools.  Information was sent out via email over the summer.  The registration link for students new to our district can be found at 

  • ​PowerSchool will be open to parents and students on Monday, August 9th.  Once it opens you may view/print schedules from there.  We will also give students a printed schedule on the 1st day of school.  Please understand that student schedules are subject to change as we are still enrolling students and all teacher schedules have not been finalized.    Click here for PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Having trouble accessing PowerSchool? Attached is a tip sheet for that. 

  • All classes will use Google Classroom and Remind as their primary digital platform and method of communication.  Please refer to individual teacher websites for codes to join your specific classrooms.  Please be patient, as we are still updating our faculty roster.  All teachers may not have up to date info on their websites yet.  You should check back closer to the start of school for more accurate information.  Teacher websites click here.

  • Below are some Google Classroom resources for parents and students:

       Getting Started - Cheat sheet for students

       Parent/Student Quick Guide to Google Classroom

       Parent Google Classroom Guide - PDF version (This is a much more detailed GC guide)

  • What bus do I ride?   Click here(coming soon)   We also have other transportation documents that will be very helpful.      Driver Remind Codes(coming soon)       Afternoon Bus Line-up(coming soon)

  • Please read and sign off on the DSFH Cellphone Usage Agreement.  Read our policy carefully as it is specific to our procedures on the DSFH campus. Failure to submit this completed form means you do not give your student permission to bring a cellphone onto campus.  Also, please note that if your student attends any classes on the DSHS or STEM campus, then they are responsible to know and follow their policy while on their campus.  When in doubt, don't have it out.

  • All DSFH athletic programs are run through DSHS Athletics.  Attached you will find a student athletic pass available for purchase through the Athletic Dept.  Click here for details.  If you have questions about any sports, please email the DSHS Athletic Director Brett Beard or the Assistant Director Wendell Evers.  Email at or

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