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TOPS Requirements


The Tuition Opportunity Program for Students will pay for tuition to Louisiana Public Colleges and Louisiana Technical Colleges. In order to be eligible, the students must complete the TOPS core. The ACT score requirement is based on the average score for Louisiana students for the previous school year and may fluctuate from year to year. The ACT requirement for graduates of 2012 will be a minimum of 20. Students may pick up a copy of the TOPS requirements from their counselor or access the TOPS web portal at

The FAFSA form is the application for TOPS. A TOPS/FINANCIAL AID MEETING is held each year for senior students and parents. Attendance of this meeting is important to become familiar with the application process and also for information on maintaining eligibility while attending college. 


TOPS/Financial Aid Meeting for Seniors & Parents


Mrs. Amanda Ott

Guidance Counselor



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