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Enrollment Requirements

Requirements for Verifying Student Residency

To verify a student’s residency, the following documentation must be presented before the student will be enrolled in school. 

  • I.  Custodial papers - Divorced, separated parents or legal guardians must present an original or certified copy of court ordered custody papers.

  • II.   An original, current electric bill indicating point of service and the billing address (a deposit receipt is not acceptable).

  • III.   Plus any three of the eight documents listed:

    • 1) A Livingston Parish current homestead exemption notification

    • 2) A certified copy of the Act of Sale

    • 3) An original lease agreement/rental contract

    • 4) An original, current driver’s license or Department of Motor Vehicle identification

    • 5) An original, current water bill indicating address (a deposit receipt is acceptable)

    • 6) An original, current medical/Medicare card

    • 7) An original, current gas bill (a deposit receipt is not acceptable)

    • 8) A Livingston Parish food stamp verification form

Other required documents are the student’s birth certificate, social security card, and the immunization record. In order to schedule students in the correct courses, the following documents are needed:

  • 1) Unofficial copy of transcript of high school courses taken

  • 2) Withdrawal slip from previous school


Mrs. Amanda Ott

Guidance Counselor



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