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The United States Military

The military offers qualified high school graduates a good salary and free job training. It also provides discipline and structure, as well as career advancement and travel opportunities. To obtain information on any of the military branches, it is best to contact the recruiters. You may also visit these web sites:

ARMY                     1-800-USA-ARMY   

NAVY                     1-800-USA-NAVY    

AIRFORCE             1-800-USA-USAF     

MARINES               1-800-MARINES      


Note:  If you are considering a career in the military, Denham Springs High now offers

Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) courses. 

Some of the benefits of completion of the curriculum include:

1.Development of character, leadership, and discipline traits that employers, colleges, and universities seek in a new employee/student;

2.Advanced placement in Senior ROTC if you plan to attend college and serve as a military officer upon graduation;

3.Early enrollment in the Marine Corps’ Platoon Leaders Class (PLC) Program;

4.Advanced rank if you intend to enlist in the military any time between your 17th and 42nd birthday (each branch of service has a different cutoff for the maximum age)


These benefits apply regardless of which branch of Service you are thinking of joining, with the exception of the PLC Program.  If you have any questions about JROTC, the military, or scholarship opportunities, see Lieutenant Colonel Bias, our Senior Marine Instructor (currently in the front office until the JROTC building is completed).


Mrs. Amanda Ott

Guidance Counselor



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